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Update on Nurse McAllister: Kafoury & McDougal Files First Lawsuit against Legacy Emanuel Hospital

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Greg Kafoury, Jason Kafoury, and Mark McDougal have filed the first of what may be many lawsuits against Legacy Emanuel Hospital for allowing nurse Jeffrey McAllister to sexually abuse and even rape emergency room patients.  We have now learned in addition to the four women whose accusations have led to indictments of McAllister, a new wave of indictments is likely in the next few weeks.  It was apparently McAllister’s practice to target women who had prior drug problems, especially if they were poor or even homeless.  He would give them powerful narcotics under the guise of providing treatment, then molest them when they were too helpless to resist.

A central question in this litigation will be how McAllister was somehow able to prey on helpless women for years without being detected.  His employment file at Emanuel shows that an accusation of sexual abuse was made against him in 2006.  We now know of accusations against McAllister made by patients in September, 2012; October, 2012; January, 2013; and February, 2013.  Nonetheless, McAllister somehow stayed on the job where he had access to narcotics and vulnerable women until April of this year.

Portland Police also have much to account for, since they were told details of McAllister’s conduct on January 17, 2013, but failed to make any serious effort to investigate the claims until April.

The pattern we see with Emanuel Hospital is all to reminiscent of the horrific cover-ups of sexual predators by the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, and Penn State University.  Locally, we have seen the same pattern in cases that our law firm has handled against the ambulance company American Medical Response and against The Dalles Hospital, Mid-Columbia Medical Center.  We took one case to trial against AMR, which resulted in a total award of $3.85 million.  That award was just upheld when the Oregon Supreme Court refused to review the Court of Appeals opinion upholding our verdict.  We settled five AMR cases, and presently represent nine other women in cases awaiting trial or on appeal.

In The Dalles, we are set for trial on October 1 of this year with three women who were molested by anesthesiologist Frederick Field while the women were having surgery at MCMC.

We encourage any victims of McAllister, or any persons who have knowledge of his conduct, or of the hospital’s response to allegations against McAllister to call us at 503-224-2647, or learn more about our Portland sexual abuse attorneys and reach through our website.

UPDATE: New victim comes forward in the case, click here to read more

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